Welcome to Bangladesh Koshiki Organization (BKO)

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization (BKO) is an independent organization forming up to promote, develop, enhance and prosper the very good sports of Koshiki whice already gaining and popular in the Global.

BKO is more or less similarly with the most existing bodies throughout the world for koshiki Karate do. But this Organization will act separately and strongly as an INDEPENDENT body, fighting and striving hard to include KOSHIKI SPORTS in the recognized Games such as in the SEA Games, Asia n Games, etc. as another new contact combat sport.

Affiliation is open to All City/District koshiki body sincerely striving and truly promoting Koshiki Sports.Koshiki is not necessary mean for Karateka, it is open to all "Budo" practitioner sincerely in developing, promoting and enhancing the very good combat sport to come in the global. The registration of this new organization is in Asian Koshiki Organization (AKO) Japan, the original birth place and almost 40 years in existing and IKKF (International Koshiki Karate Federation), WKKU (World Koshiki Karate Union) and also, Bangladesh National Sport Council /NSC).

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26th May 2019

East-Canadian Open Championship-2019,Place: Montreal,Canada

12th  May 2019

25th Karatedo championship tournament-2019 in Kunitachi City,Japan

22-23 Febuary 2019
1st  open International Koshiki Referee seminar & Championship-2019,Place: Dhaka,Bangladesh

02 february 2019

3rd International Koshiki Karate Tournament-Edu-Do Cup-2019, Place:Estonia,tallinn

12-13 January 2019
International Koshiki Referee Seminar & National Championship-2019,Place: Pali,Rajasthan,India

20-22 DECEMBER 2018
Selection Bangladesh Team for India,Latvia, Japan,Canada Championship-2019

05 October  2018
1st Koshiki Black Belt & Referee Seminar-2018, Place: Gandaria,Dhaka,Bangladesh


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