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Thank you for joining Bangladesh Koshiki Organization ® 


By becoming a member of Bangladesh Koshiki Organization ® you will get the opportunity to join our activities for members which gives you lots of benefits. You will also get a better education towards the Olympic Games as we are trying to approach.

Benefits for Members
  • National membership certificate
  • Continental membership certificate
  • International membership certificate
  • National championship
  • Continental championship
  • International championship
  • World championship
  • International black belt examination and recognition with certification and license
  • International & national seminar for all referee's with national & international certification with license
  • International technical seminar with high master with certification
  • A better price for our activities and seminars
  • You can get a website and a e-mail from Bangladesh Koshiki Organization cheaper by being a member

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization ® Membership can also offer you the opportunity to:

  • Be part of a worldwide Koshiki martial arts community and network
  • Bring diversity and more international recognition to your club or organization and students
  • Take part in international competions, seminar's, conference, convention, festival, trainings camp's, events
Membership Fees

All members pay a membership fee once a year. The membership fee is to improve our activities then we can offer you the best of all. The membership fee also use to provide a better possibilities for our member, Bangladesh Koshiki Organization ® are investing a better online system for all member can be use very soon.

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Bangladesh Koshiki Organization’s  members list
  1. Wushu Fighter Martial Art association Of Bangladesh
  2. Bangladesh Traditional Kung-Fu Association
  3. Bangladesh SQAY Federation
  4. Bangladesh Taekwanjetsu Federation
  5. Shihan Nayon Martial Arts Organization
  6. Bangladesh Ninjutsu Association
  7. Bangladesh Lathi Federation
Individual clubs
  1. Bangladesh Fighter Karate Club
  2. Bangladesh Karate and Kick Boxing organization
  3. Bangladesh Tora Oni Musha Dojo Dhaka
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