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Welcome to Koshiki Sports !

KOSHIKI is open to all martial art sportsmen and women regardless of age, rank, or style.

KOSHIKI's main goal is to promote the acceptance of all martial arts as an Olympic discipline on a fair and equal footing.

Everyone is welcome !

Koshiki Karate- Do/ Martial Arts Sports is a "hard contact competition and training system" with Super Safe protective equipment, we set free formerly prohibited essential Karatedo techniques such as open hand strikes etc., and still protect both contenders from injuries or fatal damages, which have been common occurrences for all the rest of Karate schools, such as Non Contact or Full Contact Karate. In other words, nobody can eliminate a slip of fist or legs even Non Contact is the strict rule, and cause damages to the head, face and / or belly, body of the opponent or oneself, unless such mis- punches or kicks are well accommodated in the behavior of each contender. Super Safe protective equipment is made by so called ultra light hi-tech materials, and bullet proof too.

Koshiki Karatedo / Martial Arts sports allows contenders to fight, not just once, "but plural numbers of round", continuously, without being injured or fatal damaged, so as to build up accumulated scores for series of rounds, as recognized as Round Robin Competition System. In short, in Koshiki Karatedo, we can merit points to each contender to all the attacks and counterattacks of the contenders during the round. Whereas other Karatedo schools only acknowledge the initial attack alone, and disregard any counterattacks, and will not give any credit at all when both contenders hit each other at the same moment. Thus, our system can give chances for every contender to come to adjust him/ herself or improve his/ her behavior each time called to fight to build up higher scores in total. These advantages help improve every player's techniques for a bout with an opponent of different behavioral actions. In other words, we can expect a favorable learning curve from Koshiki Karatedo/ Sports fighters. Koshiki Sports guarantees the precise and clear judgment, because the referee can see the moment of a contact, hear a bang sound from the touch by a fist or a leg to protective equipment of the opponent which gives a clear and impartial judgment, even from the eyes of general audiences.

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