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Welcome to Bangladesh Koshiki Organization (BKO).

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization is open to all Koshiki martial art sportsmen and women regardless of age, rank, or style.

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization main goal is to promote the acceptance of all martial arts as an Olympic discipline on a fair and equal footing.

Everyone is welcome

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization was created to give a better technical education to its members for their contribution to the Koshiki Sports and the community where they live.

The primary goal of the Bangladesh Koshiki Organization is to unite and promote all styles and levels of martial arts and Koshiki sports.

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization It is the only existing organization that recognizes and works to develop the common philosophical and technical principles for all systems/styles of martial arts and Koshiki sports.

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization  seeks to be an organization that promotes all levels of martial arts, from the beginner to the professional Koshiki competitor.

The hope of Bangladesh Koshiki Organization is to promote cultural understanding, peace, and environmental responsibility through Koshiki martial arts.

Bangladesh Koshiki Organization is:
  • An educational world Koshiki arts & sports organization.
  • An active organization that is developing on a daily basis.
  • Are open to all styles of martial arts & Koshiki sports.
  • Dedicated to brotherhood and respect within the truest traditions of Koshiki Sports and martial arts.
Bangladesh Koshiki Organization is not:
  • a commercial business
  • politically motivated
  • a religious organization 
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